Free PSC Coaching Centre in Thrissur

Empowering Dreams: Free PSC Coaching at Vetilapara GHSS with Brilliance College

Under the leadership of the Exercise Liberation Mission, in collaboration with the Thrissur Brilliance College, initiated free coaching for students and youth. The coaching was conducted by PSC coaching expert and P.K. Sathish Asst. Excise Commissioner Thrissur. Competitive exams are a gateway to achieve dream jobs, however, with no access to quality coaching, students may struggle to fulfill their goals. Realizing the importance of providing PSC coaching to students who cannot afford it, an inspiring initiative has taken place in Thrissur, Kerala, aiming to level the playing field for Scheduled Tribe students and youth. Under the leadership of the Excise Vimukti Mission, in collaboration with the Scheduled Tribe Development Department, and the prestigious Brilliance College, free PSC coaching classes are being provided to empower the youth and help them proceed in their journey towards success.


Brilliance College: Thrissur tribal community empowered through specialized PSC Exam Training

Brilliance College, a reputed competitive exam coaching centre with 14 branches across Thrissur has an exceptional track record in coaching students for various competitive exams and consistently producing successful students over the years. Success cannot be achieved overnight and with its experienced faculty, exhaustive study materials, and a time-tested methodology, Brilliance College has helped countless students achieve their dreams of securing coveted government jobs. This collaboration with the Excise Vimukti Mission and the Scheduled Tribe Development Department brings the college’s expertise to the tribal communities in Thrissur, ensuring that they have the same opportunities to excel. Thrissur tribal empowerment through expert PSC exam training


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The Need for a Free PSC Coaching Program

With more and more students aspiring for better employment opportunities, the competition in the PSC exam field is tremendous. Comprehensive preparation and the right guidance are key to success. No matter what coaching you want to enroll in, it is undeniably true that money is essential. If you want to get quality coaching you should be willing to invest in it. The faculty’s teaching, the study materials, and the facilities, everything come at a cost. However, the financial aspect of coaching prevents many talented and capable students, especially those from marginalized communities, from joining quality coaching. 

This initiative recognizes the struggles faced by these students and aims to bridge the gap. The six-month rigorous PSC coaching program, held every Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM at Vetilapara GHSS, is designed to provide them with the necessary knowledge, resources, and guidance to excel in these exams.


Inauguration and Distribution of Resources

The program’s inauguration was a momentous occasion, with Vetilapara Panchayat President Athira Devarajan leading the way. The event was presided over by Vice President Soumya Manilal and Asst. Excise Commissioner P.K. Sathish delivered an enlightening presentation about the importance of this initiative. Scheduled Tribes Development Department Extension Officer Savita P Joy distributed essential study materials to the eager students. The presence of dignitaries like Ward member Sanisha, Vetilpara GHSS senior teacher PM Ramesh, PTA president Raini Rafi, Brilliance College Instructor Abhimanyu Mukundan, and Vimukti district coordinator Shafiq Yusuf, highlighted the significance of this endeavor. Among the more than a hundred participants in the program are instructors, students, and tribal promoters.


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Hope for a Bright Future

This initiative is not just about a few free coaching classes; it’s about offering hope and opportunities to Scheduled Tribe(ST) students and youth who face hurdles in pursuing their dreams. This program intends to give a supporting hand to those who wish to achieve success but lack the opportunities and resources. The initiative aims to empower, inspire, and support the dreams of these talented but underprivileged individuals.

Around 100 people, including tribal promoters, students, and teachers, have already joined the program. Their enthusiasm and delight indicate a promising start. With such a golden opportunity at hand, more students from the Scheduled Tribe communities in Thrissur must take advantage of this opportunity. These free PSC coaching classes can be a crucial turning point that paves the way for a brighter future and a fulfilling career. As the program progresses, it will be essential for the students to stay committed and make the most of this golden opportunity. 

The collaboration between the Excise Vimukti Mission, the Scheduled Tribe Development Department, and Brilliance College is a ray of hope for Scheduled Tribe students and youth in Thrissur. The free PSC coaching classes are not just a source of knowledge but a means to achieve success and transform lives. Though this opportunity is free, it’s important to understand its value and approach it with a sense of gratitude, as these classes may not be unlimited. By recognizing the value of these classes and making the most of them, aspirants can manifest their dream life.

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