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Brilliance College: The Path to Success for LDCs

The Kerala Public Service Commission has recently announced the LDC exam. In 2024, the Lower Division Clerk (LDC) examination conducted by Kerala PSC is expected to be a highly competitive exam, with thousands of aspirants competing for a limited number of vacancies. To crack this examination and secure a coveted government job, it is essential to have a well-structured preparation plan. Support from Brilliance College will help you explore the Kerala PSC LDC 2024 exam and how the PSC Coaching Centre, Brilliance College Thrissur, will help you succeed.

Brilliance College Thrissur, one of the most reputed PSC Coaching Centre in Thrissur can be a real game changer in this.

Kerala PSC LDC 2024: An Overview

Kerala PSC conducts the LDC Exam to select candidates who have passed their tenth grade for the role of Lower Division Clerk across different departments and offices of the Kerala Government. Candidates who apply for the LDC Exam usually have to go through the Prelims and Mains Exam for the final selection. 

The LDC preliminary exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from subjects such as General Knowledge, Kerala Renaissance, Natural Science, Physical Science, Simple Arithmetic, Mental Ability, and Current Affairs. The mains exam consists of General Knowledge, General English, Current Affairs, Arithmetic, Mental Ability, and Observation Skills Test. Apart from this, it has a Regional Languages test for  Malayalam | Tamil | Kannada as per your choice. 

Kerala PSC LDC exam is OMR based and 1 mark is offered for every correct answer. For wrong answers, 0.33 Marks are deducted. No marks are deducted for unattempted questions. Both the preliminary and main exams consist of 100 questions and carry a total of 100 marks. preliminary and mains exam duration is 1 hour 15 mins and 1 hour 30 mins respectively.

Once the preliminary and mains exam is completed, the successful candidates have to go for document verification. For document verification, candidates have to produce their original educational documents, identity proof, and a few exam-related proof verifications. 

After the completion of all the above-mentioned procedures, qualified candidates can find their names in the rank list prepared by the Kerala PSC Board.

Kerala PSC LDC Exam: Eligibility Criteria 

Every exam has certain eligibility criteria, such as educational qualification, age limit, and more. 

Educational Qualification

Candidates 10th pass from a recognized educational board can apply for the Kerala PSC LDC. The official website of Kerala PSC is

Kerala PSC LDC Age Limit

The general category candidates applying for Kerala LDC must be 18 years old and should not exceed the age limit of 36 years. However, the age limit varies for different categories. For OBC the upper age limit is 39 years and for SC/ST it is 41 years. 

How Brilliance, the top PSC Coaching Centre in Thrissur can assist you in cracking the LDC exam? 

No matter how much time and effort you put in you won’t get the desired results, unless you prepare according to the requirements of the exam. If you want to get through the exam and make it to the list, join our PSC Coaching Centre in Thrissur. A PSC Coaching Centre can help you with the preparation in several ways. 

Brilliance College, the renowned PSC coaching centre is the one-stop solution to all your LDC exam needs. This institution has carved a niche for itself by consistently producing successful candidates over the years. The success of this institution can be attributed to a holistic approach to coaching and a commitment to nurturing the talents and potential of its students. 

One of the standout features of Brilliance College is its interactive classes. The faculty members engage students in lively discussions and encourage them to ask questions, fostering an environment where all the queries are addressed promptly. This interactivity improves understanding and solidifies the concepts improving retention of complex information.

The class environment at Brilliance College fosters healthy competition and a strong learning spirit. Students are surrounded by people who want to achieve a common goal, which fosters healthy competition and improves academic performance.

Brilliance College imparts valuable study techniques and tips to its students. They provide strategies to tackle the vast syllabus efficiently. These techniques make the study easy and enjoyable. Faculties with their expertise give certain tips to students helping them in time management and allocating adequate time to each subject. Moreover, the institution’s experienced faculties are adept at tailoring these techniques to individual learning styles, ensuring every student can maximize their potential.

Brilliance College meticulously identifies the most important topics and subjects that are likely to repeat in the LDC exam. By focusing on these areas, students can utilize their time properly. Without wasting their efforts, they can increase their chances of scoring well in the exam. 

The experienced faculties at Brilliance College play an instrumental role in guiding students toward success. Their expertise not only strengthens the hold on the subject but also provides valuable understanding regarding exam strategies.

Brilliance College: Increasing Your Readiness for LDC

To complement their teaching, Brilliance College provides expertly prepared books and study materials. These resources are tailored to the LDC exam’s specific requirements, ensuring that students have access to the most relevant and up-to-date content appropriate for the exam. This aids in comprehensive preparation and boosts students’ confidence.

The institution also adopts a well-structured teaching strategy incorporating proper study, regular revision, and practice tests. Regular revision is crucial for reinforcing knowledge, and practice tests simulate the exam environment, helping students accustomed to the pressure. Furthermore, these tests cover the most relevant subjects and topics that are known favorites of the PSC, increasing the likelihood of success.

Mock test analysis is another vital aspect of Brilliance College’s coaching program. It enables students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, facilitating targeted improvements. Additionally, it teaches time management skills, a critical factor in competitive exams. Real-time test experiences help alleviate anxiety and build the confidence to perform well on the actual exam day.

Brilliance College: The Path to Success for LDCs

In conclusion, Brilliance College in Thrissur stands as a trusted institution that provides comprehensive support to aspirants preparing for the LDC exam. Through interactive classes, effective study techniques, expertly prepared materials, and a well-structured teaching strategy, the institution equips students with the tools they need to excel. With experienced faculties and a competitive class environment, Brilliance College ensures that every student has the opportunity to succeed while reducing the stress associated with exams.

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